Request for Examination Notification

The Request for Examination Notification Form (RFEN) is designed to provide individuals looking for employment opportunities with the City of Massillon, Massillon City Schools and the Massillon City Health District a quick and easy way to place their contact information on file. By checking the Examinations of Interest section you are advising us of the types of work for which you are interested in receiving testing information.

Complete the RFEN form and return it to the Massillon Civil Service Commission, Municipal Government Annex, 151 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, OH 44646 or by fax at 330-830-1792. When an examination is announced for the type(s) of work you selected a copy of the examination announcement will be mailed to you. Filing the RFEN form DOES NOT mean you have applied to take the examination. If you are interested in taking an examination you MUST follow the Filing of Application instructions in the announcement.

Remember, you are responsible for keeping your contact information current.

Contact the Massillon Civil Service Commission at 330-830-1763 or by email at civser@massillonohio.com if you have questions concerning examinations or the use of the RFEN form.

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