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*Sippo Creek Reservoir Dam Update – April 10, 2017*

Thank you for being patient with ongoing work at the dam.  To comply with ODNR orders the City lowered the Reservoir water level by four feet and is maintaining that level.  There are numerous agencies and engineers working with us on this project.

 This action is temporary and has placed us in compliance with the immediate order of ODNR.  Council and the administration is working together to consider options presented to us by experts in dam safety towards a final plan.

We continue to urge visitors to the Park to comply with warnings signs to stay out of the reservoir basin and work areas.

Special Message from the Mayor

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to inform you that April is Autism Awareness month.

I, Kathy Catazaro-Perry, proclaim the day of April 2, 2017 as “World Autism Awareness Day” in the City of Champions, Massillon, Ohio to raise public awareness of autism and the myriad of issues surrounding autism, as well as to increase knowledge of the programs that have been and are being developed to support individuals with autism and their families.


Welcome from the Mayor

Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry

I’m Kathy Catazaro-Perry, Mayor of the City of Massillon. The phrase ‘City of Champions’ is more than a slogan relating to our football team. The phrase ‘City of Champions’ refers to the spirit, determination, and dedication of the people of our community.

Massillon City government is more than a collection of buildings and the people who work in them. City government is an ideal, a call to service. And that call to service is about doing the best job we can for the people who live and work in Massillon.

Our city employees work for you, and you should know what they do, and how to contact them. They are proud of the work they do, and strive to give the people of Massillon top notch service.

If you have any questions for a particular department of city government, give them a call or drop them an email. I’m sure they would be happy to hear from you.


Thank you, Tidwell’s Photography for the complimentary director’s photographs.
Tidwell’s Photography | 50 N. Erie St. | Massillon, Ohio 44646 | 330-832-6644
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